Nuoc Mooc Stream – a fairyland in Quang Binh

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Nestled under evergreen forests, its limestone ranges covered with jungle, Nuoc Mooc stream resembles a glittering green silk scarf, bringing a charming beauty to Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park.

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With clean and natural blue water source erupting from the mountain foot, Nuoc Mooc Stream is like a fairyland and an ideal stopover after exploring the cave during hot summer days. It is a unique and amazing natural phenomenon. This cool stream runs through mountains and forests with average temperatures about 200C in the summer.

The stream winds around a dense limestone forest.

Realising the diversified tourism potential in Mooc Stream Area, Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park Management Board invested in constructing Mooc StreamTourist Area with many interesting items. After discovering the stream, tourists should take a kayak trip on the Chay River to see some mysterious dark caves and magnificent mountains. All remain pristine and boast poetic views and stillness.

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From Dong Hoi City (Quang Binh Province), following the eastern branch of Ho Chi Minh Road roughly 60km to the north, visitors will meet the Khe Gat Junction. From here, turning onto the western branch of Ho Chi Minh Road for about 5km, visitors will arrive at Mooc Stream.

Ticket price

In Nuoc Nuoc Mooc ecotrail, there will be 2 types of tickets as follows:

  • Common tickets: entrance tickets, ticket price: VND 80,000 / ticket / person / turn
  • Total Package tickets: including stream tours, stream bathing, kayaking, life jackets, jumping games; ticket price: VND 180,000 / ticket / person / turn

What do you need to prepare before going to Nuoc Mooc

If you come here and only have it for taking photos or going sightseeing, you can take on a nice outfit with a hat, as the weather is very sunny.

However, if you want to stroll through the dense groves to discover the wildlife and swallow in the cool water, I think you shoud prepare a list of necessary stuff, including:

  • 1 swimsuit
  • 1 towel
  • Sunscreen
  • Sunglasses
  • Sun hat
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Chèo thuyền kayak trên suối Moọc

The best time to visit Nuoc Mooc Stream

The best time to visit Nuoc Mooc Stream is from the months of March to August. March is yellow flowers season, in which the stream becomes especially attractive for tourists with white butterflies fluttering through the air.

This type of flower is a symbol of buddhism, which grown in most temples. Legend has it that at the garden of the monastic Lam ty Ni, ashoka tree flower are grown a lot. In the same time, when Ma Da Queen with her entourage away from her home country to give birth to her first child, she went through the Garden of Lumbini. Here, she ordered to stop to enter the forest park, walking and going sightseeing. While coming to the ashoka garden, she saw flowers bloomed, sweet and fragrant, and then handed them flowers. Soon after that, under the ashoka tree flower, the queen gave birth to Prince Tat Dat Da, the founder of Buddhism later. The name of the flower means sorrow-less, expressing the spirit of liberation of Buddhism.

The best time to visit Nuoc Mooc stream is in the summer, when the temperature reaches from 38oC to 42oC as the hot weather is very suitable for bathing in the stream. Enjoy yourself with relaxing moments and admire the majestic and poetic nature.

Warmest greetings to you on your trip. May you fulfill the purpose of the journey and have unforgettable memory!

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